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Sumner Street is a full-service independent record label & creative collective offering in house: A&R, Artist Management, Marketing, & Development.

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CEO Sumner Street


Led by a ten year music industry executive; the staff at Sumner Street are prepared to operate and communicate at every level of professionalism. We understand exactly where our independent label fits in the music industry and we are prepared to instruct each prospective artist and their representatives how we can help them navigate the success they desire


Sumner Street’s ability to make quality music and develop quality artists is second to none. We have the resources to staff award winning / multiplatinum producers and writers to curate successful intended releases for each prospective artist


Over the last few years, Sumner Street has cultivated and nurtured relationships with the leading executives in the music industry: Label & Publishing A&Rs, Managers, Legal, and Major label executives interface with our staff on a daily basis as we are mutually committed to discovering the next greatest talent


Sumner Street’s core value is that we are a family first. The label is named after the street our CEO grew his entire childhood life on, thus reminding each client that family is second to none. Each artist that ends up on our street we have found a new sense of family that will push them to their highest potential. Our goal is to make each artist the word on the street!


“KINGS CRY TOO” OUT NOW on all platforms and wherever music is sold!

Our services

Services What We offer

Artist Development

Providing each artist with the key recourses and contacts to nurture their craft into a stage ready, studio ready, & radio ready artistry!

Artist Management

Shaping each artist’s career both in a day-to-day and long-term sense. Social media presence, Gigs, Album curation & release rollouts. Custom marketing and merchandising strategies, and long-term career goal consulting.


The staffing of multiplatinum and award winning writers and producers to curate incredible releases for our clients day in an day out


“N.A.S.A” OUT NOW on all platforms and wherever music is sold!

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